BBQ fire lighter white hexamine solid fuel 21g

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Product name     BBQ fire lighter white hexamine solid fuel 21g
Chemical composition     Hexamethylenetetramine

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Product name BBQ fire lighter white hexamine solid fuel
Chemical composition Hexamethylenetetramine
Application BBQ or outdoor cooking
Packing small plastic bags + boxes / cartons or customize
Feature :21g 1:economical and convenient
2:safe and eco-friendly
3: high-technology
5:burning time: 21minutes

It is a green product with high quality and low price. It is energy-saving, high calorific value, convenient and suitable for storage. It is the most ideal domestic fuel product in the fuel field at present. Due to the toxic gas generated by the combustion of solid alcohol fuel, people have been looking for a product that can replace it. After years of research and development, Finally, this alternative to alcohol fuel was successfully produced.

This new environment-friendly fuel has completely changed the conditions of traditional products, such as easy volatilization, short storage period, low calorific value, short combustion time, a large amount of residue after combustion and not suitable for cleaning.

It is characterized by high hardness, hard as stone, compression and crushing resistance, never volatilization, and can be preserved for more than 10 years under the condition of intact packaging. Small product size (high pressure molding), portable carry, which can be ignited by an open fire when in use, clean and sanitary, safe and convenient transportation. During combustion, it is non-toxic and harmless, smokeless and odorless, no dust, long combustion time, high calorific value, strong resistance to high and low temperature, It is not flammable and explosive. Just an open fire can ignite.

Usage: light charcoal and fuel, which can meet a variety of needs: barbecue, grilled fish, hot pot, dry pot, boiled noodles, boiled eggs, cooking, etc. It is widely used in restaurants, camping, hospitals, schools, families and other places. As well as it is the preferred heat source for military training, mountaineering, tourism, navigation, geological exploration and other field workers.


1. Solid fuel shall not be edible or mixed with food. It shall be placed in a place not accessible to children

2. It shall be stored at normal temperature, pay attention to fire prevention, moisture-proof and keep away from fire source


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