Blue Flame Colorant

As we all know, flame on wood is generally yellow and belongs to normal color, the flame is the yellow or a little red ,what which people are familiar with as usual from beginning to burn to end. As well as people are used to these colors , and do not have a special or unforgettable  impression on the fire until the flame disappears.

The reason why people would like to light a wooden campfire is that people should not only enjoy the warmth brought by the wooden campfire, especially in winter, but also feel the soft and sweet, romantic and special atmosphere brought by the flame.

On weekdays, anniversaries or festivals, adults, children, friends, kittens, dogs,warm house with warm fireplace, beach and bonfires ,all those make us feel good. Of course, at this time, our flame will also exude its unique charm, magic blue. Simply put these small bags with flame colorant into the campfire, and the flame changes from yellow or red to blue immediately . It’s amazing.

This is just our product we call it” blue flame colorant “and the dancing blue flame enjoy the best family or party happiness in the world with people until they burn out.

Post time: Jun-03-2019